Cyber Awareness is a Must?

Do you allow your child/student to ride a bike without a helmet?

Though You know it’s illegal but also you know it may harm your child as well. Then how you missed them running the internet without cybersecurity awareness? 

Have you seen the latest cybercrimes that are targeted to your child/students? Just search these phrases in Google:

  • Bois Locker Room
  • Jaipur Fake Teacher’s Profile Case
  • Girl suicide cybercrime
  • Blue Whale Challenge

Reality is though students are getting very smart day by day on using smartphones and various apps, they don’t know where they have to limit themself, and similarly, parents and teacher too understand how do they monitor their child on this online world.

Why Cyber Security Workshop/Webinar?

WeSeSo Hackers

Hackers Keep On Updating

Hackers keep new tactics to lure your child and trap them in their stories, They try to get private details and then starts blackmailing students.

webinar cyber security

No Guidance for Students

The world is open but no guidance, no one is available for them to guide. And this leads students to commit cybercrime without knowing.

Differentiate Between Fun & Crime

Students don’t know when their fun changed to crime and lack of their knowledge makes them cybercriminals which for them was just a Facebook post or Instagram update.

Cyber Laws are getting Stronger

Cyber laws are getting hard day by day but these hackers are smart so they may easily escape but children get trapped very easily and they have to pay a huge cost for their unawareness.

About This Webinar:

We cover below points in 3 parts webinar (1 hour each) about cybersecurity:
  1. Apps and Mobile Security
  2. Social Media understanding and guidelines
  3. Web Netiquettes and Internet Security
We also demonstrate practically some of hacking tricks and cybersecurity stories so that children will get to know how they become more cyber secure.

About The Trainers:

Cdr. KK Chaudhary [CEO, Data Resolve]

  • IIT Kharagpur Pass-out, KK Chaudhary has served 19 years in the Indian Navy as Commander in various data security domains.
  • 30+ years of experience in data and cybersecurity platforms
  • Lead some of the top MNCs in India e.g. VP in NIIT Technologies, Executive Director in Lanco Infratech, and CEO Data Resolve
  • Invited in various national-level cybersecurity seminars organized by reputed organizations like Kerla Police, Universities, DD News etc.
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