Samudra Manthan Part III (App Risk and Protection Mantra Special) [3rd May 2020]

April 28, 2020
In this Third Session, we will cover the risk associated with Free Apps – very popular among children and Protection Mantra from cyber risk

About this Event


With the growth of Internet usage and increased dependency on it there is a surge in news about women or children being stalked or harassed by cyber criminals, children committing suicide by playing online games, someone’s bank accounts being hacked, job seekers getting duped by cyber frauds are quite common these days.

Children, being unaware of the underlying technology and their brains being quite inquisitive are the most vulnerable. & Uskill bring this workshop to make them aware of the risk of internet surfing with an objective of protecting them from being victims of cybercrime.

About The Trainer

Join Commander Kaushal K Chaudhary, CEO at Data Resolve Technologies and President of CIO Klub. Over 35 years of experience in developing IT and Information Security blueprint for the organization with short and long term strategy in alignment with the business objective encompassing IT Operations. An M.Tech.(CS-IIT), MBA, CISSP, CISA, ISO 27001 LA, ITIL, ISO 20000 LI and many industry award winner.

Brief Description of Course:

This short course provides children with knowledge on Cyber Crime. The content revolves around the basics of cybersecurity, child psychology with respect to their inquisitiveness, and experimenting nature. Also incidents such as cyberbullying, online gaming, Dos-and-Don’ts about cyber world etc. are also discussed. Presented in storytelling methodology, it uses real cyber security breach incidents invoking participants to realize how little minds can face huge dangers in cyberspace and how they can effectively make children aware of such dangers.

Learning Outcomes/Benefits:

After completion of the course, participants will have an understanding and get :

  • Elements of Cyber Security
  • Cyber risk involving children
  • How to involve students in the digital safety movement
  • Certificate of attendance
  • A bigger picture of career in information security.

Age Group/Audience

  • Children of age 9 to 18.
  • It will benefit anyone who is connecting to the internet or using smartphone.

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NOTE: This session will be recorded and available online for future learning .

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3 thoughts on “Samudra Manthan Part III (App Risk and Protection Mantra Special) [3rd May 2020]

  1. Is there any check by cyber experts about the App before it is made public ( a kind of censors)

    1. Generally, Google do this type of censoring when someone wants to add their app in app store. You can check rating before downloading app. even it shows what your information need to be shared on running that app.

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