Cyber Security Awareness Quiz For Children

May 13, 2020



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Cyber Security Quiz for children

Check your cyber security knowledge.

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Who are the hackers?

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You are in the group chat with your school friends and someone says something really mean.  What would be your reaction?

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By mistake you’ve opened a web link which  in an email or in message. Now your computer is behaving strangely. What should you do?

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You got an email which says “Hi, you have won a Rs. 5,00,000/- in a lottery. If you want to claim the wining price click this link. What would you do?

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While you are on your social networking site and suddenly you find a disturbing video that bothers you or is too violent to watch. What would you do?

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You get a mail about you winning a gift Coupon. Once you fill basic details, you get a call from someone pretending to be the organiser. He asks you to send a screenshot of your parents’ debit or credit card number. What would you do?

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If you see that the Anti-Virus of your laptop is disabled, what will you do?

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You are talking to someone in a chat room since few weeks and he or she wants to meet you.  What would you do?

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You are playing a game on the Internet with your friends. Suddenly, you get a pop-up message. The message claims “Click here IMMEDIATELY to win a brand new iPhone!!!” You are the lucky winner!!!. What would you do?

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Why do hackers hack?

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You receive a text message on your phone. It reads “Hey, we know your secret and you are in trouble now, if you want to come out of this trouble, click the link and follow the instruction. What would you do?

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I'm logged on a social networking site and I meet someone of my age in a chat room. Is it OK to give him or her my personal details like address or phone number so we can know each other and meet?

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You get a message from your social networking site provider which you are using to connect with your friends and family. It informs that your account was target of some hacking attempts and needs immediate update. For this they need your password and your personal information. what would be your response?

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You get a Facebook friend request from unknown person. What would you do?

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If your friend asks you for your login ID and password on the name of helping you for something, what would you do?

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