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 » Vision:         

          •      Create a world where all netizens are safe from cyber harm

 » Missions:

          •      Build awareness and advocate safe behaviour amongst communities like students, teachers, parents, elderly to 

                  help combat the menace of cybercrimes such as bullying, stalking, phishing, fraud and other such threats

          •      To provide collaborative platform of shared knowledge to students and cyber experts

          •      To reward students, teachers and schools for their contribution for improved cyber awareness

 » Objective:

          •      To create an army of cyber-aware students

          •      To create “Cyber Warriors” in schools to mitigate cyber breaches and incidents in schools.

          •      To create “Cyber safe” environment in schools

          •      To create positive cyber foot-prints for students that shapes their career.

          •      To make Cyber warriors the propagators of cyber-awareness in society

          •      To create a cyber-safe Nation as students of today are the employees/employers of tomorrow.