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We Secure Society (WeSeSo)

A Trust registered in Gurgaon, India, WeSeSo Learning Foundation started its operations in 2020 with projects focused on Increasing Cyber Security Awareness in Society with School Students as the Agents of Change.

In the Cyberworld where  44% tweens admitted they watched something that their parents won’t approve, 70% of 7-18 year old children ‘accidentally’ encountered pornography while doing Internet searches for homework, Largest group of porn consumers (90%) is children of ages 12-17, Law enforcement agencies estimating more than 50,000 sexual predators online at any given moment and rampant cybercrime in society  including frauds, stalking, harassments, the safety in cyber space has become a big challenge for the individual, society and the nation.  

Students are the future of the Country, Society and Nation. Their mind is inquisitive but immature. Awareness of cybercrime among them will not only save them from becoming victim of cybercrime but also making the society aware of such dangers of cyber world through their interaction with their parents and friends. An effective link between the past and future generations, these students can prove to be the most effective agents of spreading awareness about digital safety with a long-time objective of cyber-safe society and Nation.

These are some big challenges that Digital India faces, but can you do something to help today?

We at WLF work dedicatedly towards bringing effective change bit-by-bit, involving school students in spreading cyber safety awareness in society by encouraging them to learn and make others learn using their hidden talents of writing, drawing and speaking skills.

Join us & contribute towards a positive change and help us make a Cyber Safe Society.