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Thank you for showing your interest in Becoming a Cyber warrior

Cyber warrior

Cyber Warrior!!

A cyber warrior is the person who fights against the cyber crime or fraud in society.

The weapons that cyber warriors use is mainly for spreading awareness against cybercrime.

These weapons could be:

  • Articles on cybercrime related issues after discussion in cyber warrior groups. These discussions are summarized into an article and is uploaded on website for public view.
  • Cartoons, paintings, comics on Cyber Safety related issues uploaded on our website for public view.
  • Animated Video sending messages on Cyber Security – uploaded on YouTube for public view Video News Alerts and Analysis – uploaded on YouTube for public view
  • Skits/Interviews on Cyber-safety related issues


  • Register on
  • Read all articles written by other cyber warriors
  • Take the online Quiz and secure 80% or above marks
  • You will get a Congratulatory Note and invitation to join cyber warrior group

Issue of Certificate:

  • Electronic Certificate: On payment or INR 200/- through bank transfer
  • Physical + Electronic Certificates: On payment of INR 500/- through bank transfer
  • Electronic certificate is posted on WeSeSo Facebook Page and website
  • Physical Certificate is sent to School principal with letter of appreciation and request to handover to the cyber warrior in school gathering.

For all these, you have to read the blogs of so that you are ready to take the quiz. If you score 80% or above in the quiz, you will get Cyber Warrior Certificate.

The physical certificate will be sent to your principal with request to hand-over to you in a school function

Cyber Warrior Certification Course