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Create Cyber Warriors Build Cyber-Safe Students


WeSeSo aims to prepare 10,000 Cyber-Aware Students (Cyber Warriors) across the country in one year.

WeSeSo Learning Foundation has created an e-learning platform to learn Cyber Security basics and protection mantra. Students who secure 80% or more on the online quiz after the learning module are given “Certified Cyber Warrior”.

Cyber-Aware Students today will make a Cyber-Safe Nation tomorrow.

How Your Donation Will Help

A donation of ₹ 1,000 a student can cover training and certification cost for 1 student.

Your support for making a cyber-safe Nation will:

Make the student more aware about the probable cyber risk:

Protect students from cyber bullying, stalking and frauds

Make parents, siblings and peers more cyber aware:

By sharing their knowledge gained as Cyber warrior – an effective agent of change

Help Making Cyber-safe organization and Nation: Today’s Cyber-aware students will be tomorrow’s employees/employer making cyber-safe organizations and country