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Cyber Security FAQ Part -4


Cyber Security FAQ Part -4

Q 1)Is there any possibility that we can have of previous session?

Yes, previous sessions are recorded and available on portal.

Q 2) I am attending the session for the first time, how can get previous sessions and how can I invite my friends and classmates?

Previous sessions are recorded and available on portal. You can forward weseso email webinar invite to your friends and classmates.

Q 3)What if our account gets hacked even after following best practices?

Usually if we follow all the security advices and think before acting online, we are safe, but hackers use different methods and tricks the victim. Even after following all the best security practices if you are hacked then immediately inform your parents, guardian and your teacher.

Q 4)How to get cyber worrior certificate?

If you attend all the three sessions and send an email to we will send you the soft copy of certificate.

Q 5)Why a censor is not applicable on apps. Is there not a panel who took care of this?

Every country has its law and regulation and IT acts. According to those acts apps and internet are controlled and monitored.

Q 6)An application having google sign in and Facebook sign in are they safe or we get trapped by hacker and Phishing is done?

Any sign/logo/site can be copied and cloned, so practically you can’t determine if a site is genuine or a forged site created for phishing by just looking at logo and sign. Cyber criminals clone the site and create a new site with same look and feel like original site and add a new url very similar to original url and send it to victim. Victim does not realize that is it a fake site and try to log in and unintentionally share his ID/password and other sensitive information. To find if the site is genuine or not, check the ULR carefully or check from

Q 7)Are apps safe to download on app store?

Yes, it is safe to download the app from app store but be careful before allowing access to those app which they ask before installation.

Q 8)How can we know that any app is secure? As, many of apps are free and available online?

1st of all, install any app from app store or authenticated store only. If you install an app from other source like url or site that may be risky.

Q 9)How to find the source of the site which we want to use?

You can do simple google search with the name of that site or you can use google dorks

Q 10)How to check if the site is a spam site/spoofed site or genuine site?

There are various methods can be used to check the authenticity of the site, few of the steps are: Use your browser’s safety tools Use a website safety-check tool : Double-check URLs Hover your mouse over the link above, but don’t click it. You will see some difference in the url

Q 11)How can we protect our social media account?

These are the following steps you can follow to protect your social media account: Discard unused applications. Take inventory of your social media accounts to see if there are any third-party applications that have access to your personal social data. Delete the ones you don’t use or don’t need. And make sure you are ok with what information they are accessing from your social profile/account as these can be gateways to your account for hackers. Be careful whom you as add a friend online. Only accept friend requests from people you know in real life. Often hackers will send requests so they can see the information you are sharing to help them take advantage Sharing is not always caring. Double check your privacy settings to control who sees your posts. Also, be careful what you share online—think of what you post online as being there forever, even if you have privacy setting enabled. For example, sharing that you’re away on vacation could inform a thief that you’re not home and indicate to them it’s a good time to rob you. Use strong passwords. Using “password” as a password isn’t going to cut it. The strongest passwords are at least eight characters in length, preferably 12; contain a combination of upper and lower case letters, symbols and numbers, and are unique to each account. Multi-factor authentication. Imagine a hacker has your password, username and email and even knows the answer to your secret question. He can get into your account. But if you’ve enabled multi-factor authentication, the hacker will need another factor to truly access your account. So without your phone, fingerprint, face or whatever factor you’ve set up, the game’s over for him Use security software. Of course, keep all your devices updated with comprehensive security software like McAfee.

Q 12)What can we do if our data is already breached and our information like passwords are leaked? how can we get out of that trap?

If your credentials are compromised you immediately change your password and inform your parents and police

Q 13)Can we use VPN to secure our device?

Yes, VPN is a good option to use internet securely, but you must need to keep VPN authentication key strong, secure and safe.

Q 14)What should we do when our app stops working, and we are not able to exit or delete it?

If you are not able to delete the app, try to stop all the services associated with that app from task manager, even it does not get deleted, reset your mobile to factory make (backup your data before resetting your mobile) or format your mobile

Q 15)Why don't we have cyber insurance to insure the safety of our sensitive information online?

There are insurance companies which are insuring corporate and companies against any cyber disaster happens naturally or it is man made.

Q 16)How can we know that we have been hacked by someone?

You can find below changes in your computer and browser: Constant and Random Browser Pop-Ups Browser Toolbars Installed Without Your Knowledge Unwanted & Unexpected Software Is Installed • Auto Redirects to Unwanted Websites Fake Protection Alerts Random Message That Your Files Have Been Encrypted Social Media or Skype Messages That You Didn’t Send Unexpectedly Invalid Password(s) Randomly-Moving Mouse Pointer Disabled Antivirus Protection & Task Program

Q 17)Is PubG game is safe for us?

Any of the online game is not 100% safe you have to be careful while playing online game.