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Parents Teacher Webinar FAQ


Parents Teacher Webinar FAQ

Q 1)Can't aggressive games be controlled/restricted/ banned?

Each Government tries its best to control them. But criminals have many ways to avoid getting tracked. Different laws in different countries (like betting is permitted in some countries while it is banned in some others). In such scenario, self-precaution is the best way to avoid being victimized.

Q 2)I have a teenage daughter, somebody from her class is bullying her during online classes and we are not able to track. What suggestions do you have for us?

Most of the online meeting, conference and communication platforms have features to track every attendee’s name, email address, phone number etc. The easiest way to track the offender is to inform the organizer of the event, in this case you can inform the teacher who is hosting the class with the chat details and name from which this is happening. The host can find out the person who is doing such act. Kindly advise the Tool-administrator to learn the controls of the tool and effectively administer the same. Generally free tools have less security features, so paid tools should be used and administrator should learn the tool well before using it.

Q 3)ls there no check over the bad materials being posted on net?

There are certainly some checks on content publication on internet but due to the technical nature of internet, it is not possible block all the content all the time. All around the world, all the governments have strictly directed all the big companies like Google, Facebook, Youtube etc. to filter the content before publishing over internet for public access. Companies like google, Facebook, YouTube have their big team employed who reviews the content before publishing it. However, such searches are based on content, file type, patterns etc. and cyber criminals keep them changing to avoid getting filtered.

Q 4)Internet and apps have a great influence on kids. Sometimes I feel that these apps create a peer pressure on kids, and they start following app like tiktok, snapchat where pictures are shared which is

Yes, these apps are a boon for children to help them to increase their creativity and awareness but at the same time it becomes a bane if it is not used prudently and securely. It is natural for children to do what peers are doing or sometime even more. Hence it is essential that parents ensure that he/she is in good company. To protect children from such peer pressure, parents should also become ‘peer like’ and get aligned to the interest of the child. Over a period of time they question the child on the pros and cons of such addiction.

Q 5)Is there any way, we can take steps to control or stop the porn adds popping on its own.

Yes, there are several ways you can stop such pops coming on to the computer. 1st of all clear cookies and temporary file from your computer and browser. The steps clear cookies and temporary files can we found on google. You just need to search on google by your browser and operating system name, the step-by-step solution will be given by the specific provider. Apart this you can set your browser to stop any pop to appear. How to stop the pop ups can be found on google. Once you clean the cookies and temporary file you need to run a full virus scan. There are various apps and tools like bit defender, MacAfee, Symantec etc. which are specially created to filter any malicious pop ups and content. Basic parental controls can be applied on devices are: Cyberbullying Dating Drugs & Criminal Skills File Sharing & Hacking Inappropriate content Online games Phishing & Malware Infected Sites Pornography & Adult Weapons & Violence, Gore & Hate Suicide & Self-harm

Q 6)My14-year son is getting addicted to online games. though he is a football enthusiast but due to lack of time we were not able to take him to the academy as my elder son was in 10th class. my son has

This is a very common case all around the world. There are several children getting addicted of online gaming. Wold Health Organization has declared on-line game as an addiction. The matter of the fact is that gaming addiction is every bit as real as any other kind of addiction. How can help child to get out from gaming addiction: Need parents counselling and discuss the harm of excessive gaming Parents should become their children's friend, involve with him in his game and other activities Parents are the best doctor for their children Reducing the amount of time spent gaming Telling stories of how other children lost their lives or studies due to this addiction and encouraging them to find similar stories to tell.

Q 7)if I want to contact you people, what will be right path?

You can write to us on with your queries. We will contact you soon.

Q 8)Any portal where a child’s curiosity can be addressed? He may not be comfortable talking to parents.

Yes the child can write to us on or log on to portal and share his/her question to us and remain anonymous. We will help and guide the child regarding any cyber related question and trouble. We are soon coming out with WeSeSo Buddy chat bot where they can interact with our bot without disclosing their identity also.

Q 9)I am taking online classes, but one student is creating problem and I cannot recognize that student so please. suggest any solution for that.

Most of the online meeting, conference and communication platforms have features to track every attendee’s name, email address, phone number etc. The easiest way to track the offender is to inform the organizer of the event, in this case you can inform the teacher who is hosting the class with the chat details and name from which this is happening. The host can find out the person who is do such act. If it does not solve the problem, you can complain to local cyber cell. If you need any further assistance you can write to us on

Q 10)Can you organize these workshops live in schools?

Yes, we can organize the online live sessions for schools. You can contact us on

Q 11)What to do if the teenager child doesn't listen and keep playing online games late night. unable to convince. Please suggest.

Parents are the best doctors for their children. You need to spend more and more time with your children and get involved with his games. You have to convince your child that you are not against the game but there should be some rules and timelines. You have to discuss the danger of online gaming and share some stories that how gaming addiction harmed someone. Tell them stories and encourage them to find out more such stories (add some prize for that). If nothing works you can ask him to attend our webinar.

Q 12)What are the apps who can help parents to control digital habits?

There are several apps, but the best control is self-control. Parents and children should have bonding to share each other’s online activity. Children can ask parents before using any specific site or app. However, tool like Google Family link, Norton, iPhone and android parental control, Operating system controls are available and can be used effectively.

Q 13)How can we make student’s positive digital footprint?

Everything that we post online makes up our digital footprint. This might be a post on social media, articles from blogs, tags from videos or articles published in newsletters or journals. Our Cyber Warriors and Cyber Champions will be guided throughout their association with us to make their digital foot print positive and visible to future employers/Institutions of studies.

Q 14)Do you conduct online sessions of Samundra manthan1,2,3 for children?

We conduct online session and on premises session both. You need to write us on with your requirement. We will cater your requirement accordingly.

Q 15)How can we get the recording of this session?

Ans: Very soon we will publish these sessions on our portal.