Hackers are hacking Roblox accounts to support Donald Trump 2020 campaign!!

Hackers are targeting Roblox profiles to support Donald Trump in the upcoming US presidential election.   Roblox is a multiplayer online game which is very famous among the age group between 9 to 13 all around the world. Users of Roblox have started complaining that their account has been hacked and a message is appearing on their profile which states:

Coronavirus phishing emails: How to spot and protect against COVID-19 scams

Since last few months the word corona virus is echoing in every human being’s mind. The cyber criminals are also one of them. Innocent people are looking for vaccine and medical treatment and trying to stay away from outside world as much as possible and locked down in home. At the same time Cyber criminals are focusing all their efforts

The Amazon Fraud

As shared by our contributor I experienced an Amazon fraud yesterday and want you to be vigilant if you are using Amazon for  online shopping. Alert from Amazon Yesterday I got an SMS stating ‘10000/- added to your Amazon pay back account’. Soon after I got three SMS of 3 payments to Torent power, Ahmedabad with total 9100/-. My Reaction

Risky Online Games – Child in the Web of Internet

Child in the Web of Internet – Risky Online Games I am writing this blog for the parents, and grandparents who have school-going children to help their children in ensuring their safety in the web of Internet. Survey Findings. Many surveys worldwide suggest that almost every school-going child, especially in the age group of 10-17 has presence in the world

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