Cyber Security Quiz for Corporate Employees

May 13, 2020

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Cyber Security Quiz for Corporate Employee

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You see a person in your office premises without office card, who is acting suspiciously. He is holding a clipboard and is wearing a high visibility jacket. You approach him and ask him if everything is okay and he claims to be inspecting the fire safety equipment. What should you do next?

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You’ve inadvertently opened a web link contained in a suspicious email and now your computer is behaving strangely. What should course of action should you follow next?

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What is the best way to validate a legitimate email vs. a phishing email?

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Your existing password is “iamahero” and your IT department has requested that you change it. Which one of these would be the safest to use?

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Just after few days after joining a new company, you get an email containing a weblink from the Revenue Commissioners. It informs you that there is a tax rebate owed to you from your previous job.

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Who are the targets of modern-day hackers?

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Unexpectedly, you get an email from a colleague who requests you to urgently click on an email link which they’ve sent you. What is the safest option and what will you do?

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How often should you backup your data?

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Where should you store the encryption passphrase for your laptop?

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You’ve just got a warning from your bank that suspicious activity has been detected and to login immediately using a URL (link) provided. What is the best course of action to take?

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You’ve just moved to a new department and have been issued with a new set of passwords. Which one of these methods offers you the safest option for storing them?

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Which of the following statements best describes the modern-day hacker?

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A colleague calls you telling you they have an urgent deadline to meet. But unfortunately, he has forgotten his password to the client system. What should you do to help?

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You have an old laptop with work-related files still stored on it. You want to give the system away to someone. What is the safest way to keep the file contents confidential?

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You have a highly sensitive document which you need to email to a trusted third-party. What is the safest way to send this?

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