Bringing awareness about risk is the best way to mitigate it.

A recent survey indicates that about 75% of High School students have their own mobile phones. These students spend an average of 7 Hrs a day on electronic gadgets. More concerning is that 91% of these children who go online say that they are ‘friends’ with people whom they don’t even know well. Also 46% of Internet-connected students use file-sharing apps that give access to their information to others thus falling prey to online fraud and abuse.

Unfortunately, Internet access also comes with risks. Inappropriate content, cyberbullying, and online predators are few of the threats that may affect young children. Predators may pose as a child or teen and keep a lookout to make new friends in places where; using apps and websites; kids go to interact.

Also, in this 24/7 virtual world, Children, especially teenagers, usually don’t realize that once something is posted on the internet, it stays there forever and can come back to haunt them. In the world that we live in today, this digital footprint potentially has the ability to dictate their future. Social media background checks have become standard practice across institutions & industries.

In an attempt to create awareness there could be two methodologies. In one methodology the experts tell children what to do to avoid risk and in second, and a more effective methodology, students are encouraged to learn and share knowledge with each other about cyber risk.

Adopting the latter methodology WeSeSo has started a journey with school children by incentivizing them to learn and share various aspects of cyber safety. It invites students to write articles on various issues related to digital safety and rewards good quality sharing in the form of articles. It also felicitates the school Principals who encourage maximum children in participating in the activity. Few of the shortlisted articles will also be published on our Portal for public viewing along with a photograph of student writers and the logo of the school from where they belong.

WeSeSo is also soon coming out with a quarterly magazine on Digital Safety where these awarded articles of student writers will be published.

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