WhatsApp Files Petition against Indian Government

WhatsApp has filed a petition in Delhi High court claiming that new Digital Rule promulgated by Govt of India is against Privacy rights of individuals.

The Govt, through this rule has mandated that WhatsApp should be able to trace the originator of a message on the order of law enforcement agencies.

WhatsApp claims that due to end-to-end encryption of the message, it will not be able to trace the originator and decryption will lead to privacy infringement.

I wonder:-

- How WhatsApp will justify sharing of its user's info to business, for which it was recently asking all users to accept.

 - How it tracks multiple forward of a post, the message of which comes (Forwarded many times..) when we forward such messages.

It appears that under the cover of Privacy infringement, WhatsApp doesn't want to cooperate with Law Enforcement Agencies.... 

What do you think?

Cdr KK Chaudhary (Retd)

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