Hackers having the busiest time in lockdown day

In March it was discovered by security research that an alleged hacking attempt was made on an Indian state tax department in Gujarat.

According to the security analyst, the hackers have access to a remote desktop out of Gujarat and planning to sell nearly 800 GB of department’s data via a Russian hacker forums. The hackers claimed they had accessed four computers of that department which had data included sensitive information like PAN Cards, GST identification numbers, phone numbers and email addresses.

This attack doesn’t appear to be a targeted one. The hacker was likely looking for a computer/network with a common user name and password (like admin/admin), and he likely stumbled upon this network.”

The hacker mentions that 4 network devices had been compromised and one screenshot shows shared network drives. So, it is possible that the hacker performed lateral movement to compromise other systems in the network.”

Globally, hacking attempts have witnessed an increase during the Covid-19 pandemic, with strict social-distancing norms in place. A recent report on global technology website CNET, citing a cybersecurity form — Zscaler — stated that, hacking attempts on systems the company monitors “have increased 15% a month since the beginning of the year, and so far in March they jumped 20%.”

This not only includes Covid-19 related phishing scams but cyberattacks on the World Health Organization website and other health organisations, including test centres and hospitals.

It was analysed that this could be happening because “a lot of people are working from home” and therefore, may not have the same level of controls over their networks and are not careful while accessing sites and responding on emails. A lot of data leakages are being observed, because of these work from home situations. It seems Hackers having the busiest time and opportunity in lockdown day.

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