Cyber fraudsters dupe 256 people of Rs 70 lakh in May

The Covid-induced lockdown and more use of online platforms for purchase of essentials and other commodities during the difficult times have prompted cyber criminals to strike with impunity. Thousands of people have been duped of lakhs of rupees by cyber criminals during lockdown 1.0 and 1.2.


WeSeSo Analysis:

In this case cyber criminals used a very common trick which is called phishing and vishing. In phishing/vishing attack cyber criminals send a very authentic looking email or text message which contains a very tempting purchase offer or earn quick money option along with an embedded link. Criminals suggest user if you want to avail this offer then click on the link and claim your win, purchase or reward etc.


How to stay safe from such fraud (WeSeSo Suggestion):

1) Never expect any free cheese, everything has a cost. So never believe in such offers. You will find such offers coming via email, text message, WhatsApp message or on social media.

2) Never Click any unknown link. You may be tempted to see what is inside the link and I will just click but won't fill any personal information, stop, you may be wrong. The moment you click the link a malicious software can be installed on your device. So just delete such email or message, never click it.

3) Never share your personal information like your name, phone number, bank details your address etc. on any online or offline platform to unknown people.

To ready more about how there were at least 256 people duped of nearly Rs.70.78 lakhs by cyber criminals in Bhubaneswar city.


By - Alok Jha (Cyber Security Expert)

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