Cyber Warrior's News: Daring Game Lands Student in Jail

News Report: Agra student hacks bank account over online game dare, arrested

(Source: Times Of India – 28 Jun 2020)

Contributed by:  Cyber Warrior Keisha Choudhary, Std 7, Delhi Public School, Pune

Extract of the News Report:

How the children get trapped:

Lock down period is the time when people – especially teenagers – get attracted to various things, without the knowledge whether it is good or bad. In this period, when people are getting bored, they search for certain things online to entertain themselves. When they see these types of challenges, they cannot resist trying them. They don't understand that accepting such challenges may harm them. That is when they get trapped and have no idea of what is going around them.

Lesson from the Incident:

We must not get excited by such online challenges. Even if any such challenge is very tempting to withstand, it is necessary that we inform our parents, teachers, guardians or any other trusted adult.

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