Bois Locker Room: Indian teens' lecherous Instagram group causes outrage

The Delhi Police have filed a first information report in connection with an online group on social media platform Instagram, where teenage boys from South Delhi schools engaged in conversations about rape, and sexually objectified and shared photos of several underage girls, The Indian Express reported.

A 15 year-old boy was detained by Delhi Police cyber cell in connection with the Instagram group chat named ‘Bois Locker Room’ where the members of this group were indulge in making obscene comments and exchanging private photos of girls.

The group chat—which was formed on Instagram with 26 members—was solely a platform for members to share photos of girls—many as young as 15—and discuss their bodies. They collectively objectified and body-shamed these girls and made filthy comments about their bodies, even going as far as sharing private conversations with girls, in the group.

What causes such behaviour?

It has been noticed by several cyber watch group that there is a massive increase in the number of children visiting such site which has indecent content and videos and other dark web site during lockdown imposed to curb the corona virus spread.

Expert says that in last 40 days of the lockdown, there have been massive sociological and psychological changes in society with children being indoors and not sharing their online activities with parents. They said that such groups existed even before the lockdown but the current unusual situation make them more prevalent.

What can be done to stop such incident to happen again?

Due to the easy access of internet and various social network platform like WhatsApp, telegram etc. children are much more exposed to indecent content and they think this is a desirable behaviour and nothing wrong in doing such act. The only solution to prevent such incident and protect our children from such activities is to have regular counselling session by their parents and guardian and help them to understand the evils of such behaviour. Also, parents and guardian should keep an eye on their children’s online activities and regularly check the content and site they are watching and browsing on internet.

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