What is digital footprint? Make your digital footprint positive!!

Digital footprint, like all digital things, it is not a physical object. It is a metaphor for the information about us that we are leaving while walking through the corridors of internet. Digital footprint can be good or bad, it depends what prints you have left on digital platform.

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  • Amaan Nizam, 11th, New Horizon School, Nizamuddin New Delhi


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  • Haniya Mittal, 6th , Maharaja Agarsain Public school, Delhi
  • Riya Singh, 10th , Navy Children School, Arakkonam
  • Ansh Kumar Singh, 6th  , Navy Children School, Arakkonam
  • Gurpreet Singh 9th,  Navy Children School kochi
  • Sunidhi Das 8th , Jasola Vihar, New Delhi


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  • Rashi Gupta, 8th , DAV Jasola Vihar, New Delhi


What is a digital footprint?

A digital footprint is a trace of individual that he/she leaves while using the Internet. Every website we visit, every google search we do, leaves a trace or footprint that shows that we have been there, just like a footprint we get in a muddy field.

There are two types of digital footprints:

  1. Passive: When we intentionally put something online i.e. Facebook post, email, blogs etc.
  2. Active: When we have our records which we did not wanted to have and it was published online inadvertently i.e. personal data posted by company, e-commerce site etc.


Digital Footprint can be negative or positive.

Negative Digital Footprint: - A negative digital footprint is the stuff you would not want to see or to be seen by anyone. Example: A bad comment on your post, a bad or drunken photo of yours or even logging in on a bad website. Basically, anything you don’t want to be seen by your family, friends, employees etc.

Impact: - Negative digital footprint is not good for anyone’s reputation. If you are a student, you have a negative digital footprint then chances are you won’t get selected for reputed college. Any immature posts, cyber bullying, or generally distasteful material found on your profile could prevent  you to get any kind of scholarship etc.

How to reduce it: - Always think twice before uploading and writing any comment on digital platform. Strictly inform your friends that don’t upload any picture or videos of your’ s without your permission.

Positive Digital Footprint: - A positive digital footprint is a certificate of your good  character,  behavior, knowledge and creativity. If you write a blog, post a decent message, share your positive views, who will be passing on your digital footprint he will have a very positive impression about your character and behavior.

Impact:- Its quite a common that any company like google reviews candidates digital footprint to verify their suitability for their company. If they have a bad digital footprint they will never  offer the job. If we have a positive digital footprint the chance of getting job highly increases. Even universities are looking student's online profile before giving them admission.

How to make out Digital Footprint Positive :-

  • Stay Active & Aware on current happenings
  • Always chose and follow good content
  • Have a voice online
  • Publish creative and innovative content
  • Stay careful


Our Digital Footprint is very important. In simple words it’s kind of our digital reputation. If it’s bad we will have a lot of issue in getting jobs or doing business. So, we should make sure it’s remain positive all the time.

What can you do if you discover things you don’t like about your digital footprint?

  • Secure your social media by increasing the restriction
  • Delete all the content you don’t want others to see
  • Always publish post when you are in sober mood
  • Reset your password


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