Think Before You Click

Weseso Cyber Warriors contribution for spreading cyber security awareness.

Lead Writers:

Cyber Warrior Saswat Bose, 10th, NCS, Delhi

Cyber Warrior Keisha, 7th, DPS Pune



  • CW Riya Singh, 10th, NCS Kochi
  • CW Priyanjan Mitra, 10th, NCS Delhi
  • CW Jaskirat, Class 8, Maxfort, Dwarka
  • CW Ansh Kumar Singh, 6th NCS Arakkonam
  • CW Jossika, 9th, NCS Port Blair


Cartoon Contributed by:

  • Visakha Rajeevan, 9th, NCS Ezhimala


The Incident

A person gets a SMS saying that somebody has withdrawn 25000 INR from his bank account. The SMS tells the person to verify if the person who withdrew the money was him or not. If it wasn’t him then he should give his bank account details to the SBI employee Subham Kumar.





This SMS was fake because of the following reasons-

  • There are a lot of grammatical errors. This is the first sign of this being fake.
  • The phone number mentioned in two cases are of 11 digits.
  • Had it been 12-digit starting with ‘92’ it was surely fake as ‘92’ is country code of PAKISTAN. (Country code of India- 91)
  • The bank never tells to contact any employee on any personal phone number.
  • The bank account number in correct SMS ends with 4 digits. Here it is ‘xxxx’ given basically to confuse.
  • No bank asks – ‘Forward this message’..’ to any number.




The fraudster is novice, not very well educated. Has seems to have learnt about money phishing using tools.

By mistake he gave 11 digit number. If it were a correct 12 digit number (including 2-digit country code), then very important point to note is that it starts with 92, which is country code of Pakistan. Meaning that the fraudster is from across the border.

Had there not been so many mistakes, many unaware people (in rural area and especially government employees and pensioners are SBI Bank account holders) may have panicked and called this Pakistan number... And may have got trapped.


Protection Mantra


  1. Don't get panicked. You have at 48 working hours to report. Your money is ensured against loss of you report within this time.
  2. If you do internet banking, check if any such transaction has happened. If yes, call its customer care and inform.
  3. If you don't do internet banking, visit nearest branch of your bank (not essential to go to your branch only) and inform them.
  4. Save customer care number of the bank in your mobile for future.
  5. Remember, no bank has to ask any info about your account. So if someone calls or messages you for OTP or any account details, just ignore it.


We the Cyber Warriors

Pledge that we shall convert our ignorance to alertness and do so for all whom we interact with including our siblings, parents, grandparents and friends.

By doing so, we shall frustrate cyber criminals and save society from cybercrime.

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