How Malware Reach Our Computers?

Do you know How Malware Reach Our Computers? Malware is the most dreaded software in our computers. They have capability to destroy files, folders, applications - everything that we store on our computers. Worse, it can give control of our devices to the hacker who sent it to your computer.

It has different forms and cyber criminals make it with different purposes which may range from harassing you (like rival deleting the file) to extortion (cryptoware) or taking control of your computer to steal your information or even committing a heinous crime using your computer.

Before looking for the preventive measures, wise people try to find out the root cause of how it entered the computer in the first place and then look for the methods on its prevention and detection.

I invite you to share your ideas here on "How Malware Reach Our Computers/smartphone"

We will build a list of these shared ideas and then together build a prevention mechanism.

Looking forward to your ideas/answers.


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