News Analysis : Hacking of Facebook Account

We must know that that a lot of the Facebook hacking starts when we click on a video that a “friend” sent you via Facebook Messenger. Most likely that friend’s account has already been compromised and it is the hacker that is sending you the video or any link.


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  • Riya Singh, 10th Std, NCS Kochi


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Why Facebook is target for hackers:


Facebook is one of the most popular social media platform where we interact with our friends, family and business associates with ease. We can chat with our ‘Friends’ and share our feelings, photographs, thoughts. We get to know the daily updates of our friends, family and get connected to many forgotten friends and relatives. It allows users to share videos, pictures, articles, etc. and also allows us to chats privately with other friends who are online

The kind of our personal information, interest, feelings, photographs that we post on Facebook is gold mine for the hackers.





Additional income tax commissioner Mahendra Pratap Singh learnt his lesson the hard way after cyber crooks used his Facebook account to try extracting money from his friends on the pretext of a medical emergency.  Singh, a resident of Gomtinagar, realized his Facebook profile had been hacked after he received six frantic calls from friends, each having received an SOS from him and seeking Rs 10,000-20,000 for a purported medical emergency.


In a similar incident, a UP cabinet minister’s Facebook account was hacked to seek emergency transfer of money citing illness. As per police report, "After hacking the Facebook account of Moti Singh, the hackers sought Rs 25,000 from two persons citing illness of the minister's sister,".


How Hackers Could Have Hacked Their Accounts


The accounts of usually get hacked because of:-

  • Weak password: If the password is weak the hackers can hack our account and steal personal information easily.
  • Dormant Account: Keeping our password strong is just not enough. We also have to keep checking or activating it regularly otherwise this my give chance hackers to experiment and hack it. Once hacked, it is a good account for the hackers to connect with all ‘Friends’ and cheat them since the account is not in use by the actual owner


Protection Mantra:


1. Keep your password strong

  • Password should be of 8 characters long which consists of lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers and symbols.
  • It should be changed regularly.
  • Never tell your password to anyone and also avoid using same password again and again.
  • The passwords should be memorable to you. For example: Using easy to remember passphrase such as “#My Date Of Birth !s 21_6”, the password #MDOB!21_6    is very difficult to crack.
  • Always select “never” when your Internet browser asks for your permission to remember your passwords.


2. Friend Request: Only accept friend request of those people whom you know.


3. Privacy Setting: Adjust your privacy settings to ensure that only your Friends can see your post.


4. Don’t Leave Account Dormant: If you are not using Facebook any more, it is safe to delete the account.

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