Hackers are hacking Roblox accounts to support Donald Trump 2020 campaign!!

Hackers are targeting Roblox profiles to support Donald Trump in the upcoming US presidential election.


Roblox is a multiplayer online game which is very famous among the age group between 9 to 13 all around the world. Users of Roblox have started complaining that their account has been hacked and a message is appearing on their profile which states: “Ask your parents to vote for Trump this year!” and “MAGA2020”, an abbreviation of Make America Great Again.

It should be noted that there are over 100 million users of Roblox worldwide. Players have reported that in-game messages have been sent from the hacked profiles to the account holders' friends, urging them to support Trump in the November vote.

Hackers turning profiles in Trump supporters

It was noticed that hacked avatars have been dressed in existing in-game accessories which resemble items worn by Trump supporters.

This includes a red hat with “Running of the bulls” written in white, which looks like the Make America Great Again hats that the US president favours.

In addition, some characters are altered to wear a T-shirt featuring an American Eagle.

 What should affected Roblox users do?

If your Roblox account has been hacked, you should attempt to login to the account and change your passwords to a more complex one.

For those who do not remember their passwords, affected users are suggested that their emails were not changed, and users could perform a password reset to gain access to the account again.

In addition to using a secure password, it is strongly suggested that users enable 2-factor authentication on their Roblox accounts for better security.

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