Fake mobile apps are most commonly Android or iOS applications that impersonate the look and/or functionality of legitimate applications, or provide legitimate functionality while hiding other malicious functionality, to trick unsuspecting users into installing them.


Lead Writer:

  • Riya Singh, 10th Std, NCS Kochi


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  • Saswat, 10th, NCS, New Delhi
  • Priyanjan, 10th, NCS, New Delhi
  • Atul Krishna, 10th NCS Cochi
  • Rashi Gupta, 8th, DAV Public School Jasola Vihar, New Delhi
  • Reena Yadav, 8th NCS, New Delhi


Cartoon Contributed by:

  • S.Josshika, 9th Std, NCS, Portblair



What are fake apps

Fake apps are applications which mimic the look and functioning of legitimate applications to target unsuspecting users to download or install them. Once the user installs or downloads such applications, the application starts performing various malicious actions, infect devices, etc.




Hackers play different tricks to victimize innocent people. In Corona environment, everyone wishes to have an oximeter to check oxygen level. These oximeters cost Rs 1500-4000/- in market. This time the hacker felt that offering an oximeter app for free will be a great bait.


Risk of downloading or installing such apps:


  • Such apps ask the users to give their email ID’s, password and mobile number, etc.
  • Such apps ask the users to give their finger print and save them in bank account frauds.
  • Some of them may give a fake contact number for remedies and solutions for low Blood Pressure and may dupe.


Protection Mantra


  • Think before you download -
    • Do I really need this app?
    • Why is it being given free of cost to me?
    • What all permissions am I giving to it while installing this app?
  • Always go to official stores. Never download from unknown sources or stores
  • Read everything carefully and analyse permissions asked by apps you to download.
  • Do a google search on the authenticity of App. There may be many reviews of the app.
  • Take advice from an elder who has used the app, as the reviews can be fake.

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