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We are committed to help young children and youths to learn information security with innovative ways. We are dedicated to give parents and teachers the confidence and tools they need to help children and youth to navigate digital world safely and wisely.

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Our focus group is the school-age children and we have seen that they are starting to be more and more independent online and tend to go online unsupervised, there are more internet safety risks for them than there are for younger children. At Weseso, we emphasize that computer privileges need not be taken away in the event of cyberbullying,. What is needed is a way to make them aware on how they can protect themselves and encourage them to make it a habit.

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Working Professionals

Our focus is to Educate Employees on Cyber Safety. Help them know the threats that are there, what best practices should be followed to avoid any breach or leak, and how to become more aware, vigilant and smart in case there is an attempt to steel data! We talk of creating habits how to like to watch out for fake software, how to protect your social networks. What to do and how to watch out for phishers, learn how to spot risky URLs. How not to write down passwords, making it a practice to lock computer screens; and many more such tricks and tips.

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For over 50 corporates, we provide full coverage! Right from building a policy of Cyber Safety,Implementing it, and then doing the Training to make sure that it is practiced by everyone. We also do quarterly, bi-annually or annual audits to ascertain if the roadmap created with a vision to be cyber safe at the very beginning, is being followed at the present moment or the culture of the organisation has made it less effective. Through our Best Practices framework and methodology we show how this gap can be identified, rectified and made into a proper chore within the workplace so this is not repeated.

Cyber Awareness
Awareness and Knowledge of how to protect yourself, are the most powerful weapons you have! Follow our blog update yourself about all cybersecurity news.


Interactive sessions with our time-tested story telling approach are the best way to learn!  Contact Us to conduct workshops at your institution.

Competitions & Games
Make learning fun! Through healthy competitive activities ensure the young mind is both challenged and entertained 

Join Hand on Cyber Security Awareness

Be a cyber aware citizen. Join us for cyber security programs & awareness group.

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We provide Information Security awareness training to top management, helps organization to assess their security stature of their people. process and technology. We provide consultancy for various compliance.

ISO Certification

ISO/IEC 27001 is used worldwide as a yardstick to indicate effective information security management. It is the only globally recognized certification standard for information and cyber security.

Network Audit

Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) –Anyone responsible for performing security audits and compliance checks can expand on their skills with this certification from the ISACA.  


VAPT is a process in which the IT infrastructure that consists of computers, networks, servers, operating systems and application software; are scanned in order to identify the presence of known and unknown vulnerabilities.

Privacy Protected

Looking at the GDPR compliance requirement, we provide advice on Data Protection Controls Techniques, when it comes to data protection in the cloud, authentication, identity, access control, encryption, secure deletion, integrity checking, and data masking are all the techniques applicable to cloud computing.

Training And Awareness

With our story telling based methodology we provide both planned and ad-hoc workshops and training sessions to all vulnerable segments of society or organisation like children, women, elderly and illiterate alike.

Fast Response

We are very proud of our ability to give fast response to any queries or incidents. Our analytical framework looks at root and proximate causes, as well as intervening factors, along a timeline. Through our methodology various indicators are identified, following a set of processes, including past incidents and possible areas of breach analysis.


Parent/Teacher Testimonials

Manoj Mishra, Delhi - (Parents)

"It was a Great Session"

Thanks for seeding the knowledge of cybersecurity in the minds of children, which is very much important but ignored by most people

INDRAJIT SINGH, New Delhi - Parents

"Very Fruitful and knowledge session"

Very Fruitful and knowledge session to understand cyber security risk

Bhaskar, Varanasi, Parents

It was very nicely structured.

It was very nicely structured. Please do let us know if there are any future upcoming sessions.

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We welcome you to be part one of the Samudra Manthan Webinar – “The Nectars and Poisons of Internet” – Children Special About this Event We welcome you to be part of the Samudra Manthan Webinar – “The Nectars and Poisons of Internet” organised by “WeSeSo – We Secure Society” ! We understand that while Internet is an enabler for the children

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