!!!BEWARE!!! Avoid these mistakes in cyber world!!

These days our world is covered either by a smart phone or a laptop. Therefore, we have constant access to the internet and there are a few things that we should always keep in mind to stay safe online.

Lead Writer:

  • Aryan Mishra, 9th, DAV Public School Jasola Vihar, New Delhi


Contributed By:

  • Mallika Srivastav,8th, DAV Public School Jasola Vihar, New Delhi
  • Riya Singh,10th, Navy Children School, Kochi
  • Apeksha Maurya,8th, DAV Public School Jasola Vihar, New Delhi
  • Rashi Gupta, 8th, DAV Public School Jasola Vihar, New Delhi


Cartoon Contributed by:

  • Apeksha Maurya, 8th DAV Public School, New Delhi


Think about it, how many times we use these devices and what all works we do in a single day. Even it is so important and are integral part of our life, it is surprised to see that how many mistakes we do while using these devices:


Must Avoid These Mistakes:


Mistake 1- You have only password-based authentication:


Password can be easily guessed or stolen. Even if you have kept strong password, but keeping different passwords for different accounts is very difficult to remember. Also, stealing them through various methods is not very difficult for hackers. Hence depending only on password-based authentication is a big mistake.


Protection Mantra:

Most major services and companies, such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple, offer two-factor authentication. In this authentication process, apart from password, user is asked for another authentication such as OTP. Only if combination of the two are correct, access is given.

So, Enable Two-factor Authentication for all accounts.


Mistake 2- Using public Wi-Fi without giving it much thought.


One of the biggest threats with free Wi-Fi is the ability for hackers to position themselves between you and the connection point. So, all transactions done by you may be visible to the hacker.

Many times, hackers set up their own fake public Wi-Fi with a misleading name. Upon logging in, the victim’s keystrokes are recorded and stolen to obtain personal information.



Protection Mantra

  • Always use your mobile data
  • Check with the store if you are using the correct WiFi
  • Do not do any banking transaction or share private data on public WiFi


Mistake 3- Sharing live location.

Your location is an important information for cyber criminals. They can track and harm you.



Protection Mantra

  • Always keep your location off
  • Share location with people you trust only for the required duration
  • Do not share location on Social Media


Mistake 4- Open the games on Facebook or other social media platforms like fortune telling:


Generally they seek your permission to have access to your personal data by making you agree to their terms and conditions.



Protection Mantra:

  • Always assess if you really need such app
  • Don’t install or play such games


Mistake 5- Forwarding any information that is harmful to society.

Any adult material such as nude photographs, adult jokes, cartoons is crime as per IT Act. Similarly any derogatory material against any religion, race of gender is prohibited under the IT Act.



Protection Mantra:

  • Keep Away from such activities
  • If anyone has sent it to you, block him from your contact list.


Let us all become Good Cyber Warriors!!