Think Before you Post- There is no delete button on Internet!

Whatever is digitally posted online will remain always there. You may delete it from your machine and from your profile but your information has been recorded somewhere beyond your control and reach. You may request the provider to delete it from the system but what if someone already copied your information.


Lead Writer:

  • Kumar Shourya, 10th,Navy Children School, Kochi


Contributed by:

  • Aayush Saxena, 10th,St Xavier's Sr Sec Co-Ed School, Bhopal
  • Shruti, 9th,D.A.V Public School, Jasola Vihar, New Delhi
  • Ishita Aggarwal, 7th, Vishwa Bharti Public  School, Noida
  • Rashi Gupta, 8th, DAV Public School, Jasola Vihar, New Delhi


Cartoon Contributed by:

  • Rashi Gupta, 8th, DAV Public School, Jasola Vihar, New Delhi


After realizing that you have posted a wrong message or photograph on any Social media platform of Internet and deleted it subsequently. Do you think that post has been deleted from Internet? Unfortunately, your thought it wrong.

Incident- A school trip was organised for an International destination. A student was quite habitual of posting his picture and travel plan on Facebook. Once he came back, his parents, who were aware of the risk of such postings, suggested him to delete such posts. The boy did it immediately. But still it was too late.

After about six months, the boy received an email stating that while he was in the city on the given date and place, he had met a terrorist. A picture of this boy with such terrorist (which of course was a created one) was also attached. The sender informed that he was a lawyer and can help the boy in closing the case by bribing the local police. The boy was terrified. He was forced to share the credit Card details of his father and the criminals transferred a large amount from there.

How cyber criminals see information on the internet!!

The internet is a global collection of servers, storage locations and other web resources. Once posted and shared, such information get copied at multiple locations. Hence even if you delete it from where you posted, its multiple copies may still lie somewhere. This can be accessed by cyber criminals while they steal data from such web resources.Even if it can’t be seen on the platform but it remains on Internet and Cyber criminals may have access to it. It is therefore essential that we need to think many times before posting any personal information on Internet.

As we all are in a young age, we may find nothing wrong with posting pictures of wild partying, sharing pics of our daily routine and personal pictures. We may also be misguided into sharing online the excellent meal one would be having at a restaurant, or the amazing views that one is enjoying on a holiday.

There is nothing wrong with such sharing of information. This information can be used by others with less than noble intentions. If you are sharing that you are in a restaurant, you are indirectly verifying that you are not at home. If you are sharing your amazing views when on holiday, then you are confirming that you are away from home for a long time. And if you are making it obvious that you are not home, anything can be done at your house!

The information shared today can be accessed later in your life. More and more frequently, employers are checking online profiles of job applicants. Information or affiliations you feel comfortable sharing at one point in your life may not remain the same at later points in your life. And even if you would have deleted at some point of time, the remains may still haunt you!


Protection Mantra

  • This doesn't mean stop uploading pictures, stop sharing information. Just before posting anything ask yourself a question like, "Will I be comfortable forever after uploading it."
  • The primary thing that we need to keep in mind is that we should think twice before posting anything. Just keep in mind before posting anything on the internet that you cannot delete what you have posted.
  • We have to rely on a lot of common sense, and a little bit of restraint, when we are about to click share, or upload that picture, or comment on something. Some other things that we can keep in mind are:
  • When uploading your photographs, check carefully its properties and remove location and date information embedded by default in that.



Everybody think once a thing deleted is deleted forever, but the fact is that, "Internet has no delete button". Your digital footprint can't be removed completely.