Merits And Demerits Of Online Class And Underlying Risk!!

Information technology has emerged as the only medium which has facilitated a platform for Teachers and Students to continue seamless education and exams in this lockdown period. We all are under house arrest, but we still connected with outer world through internet. Online classes have many advantages, but it is not risk free. In this article we will talk about pros and cons of online classes.

What are the online classes?

Online classes are the medium to teach students by using internet, mobile apps and remote sharing application. Such online classes are usually conducted through a learning management system where students and teachers can select their courses according to their specific class and subject. Teachers are also using mobile or laptop camera to interact with students and show the content of subject. These courses deliver a series of lessons to a web browser or mobile device, to be conveniently accessed anytime, anyplace.

Schools were not ready to cope up with such situation and they never thought that this lock down will go so long, so they were forced to use online medium to conduct classes and exams. Initially most of the teachers and students were facing many challenges but it seems that everyone has accepted the demand of time and prepared themselves psychologically, physically and technically.


There are many merits and demerits of online classes, few of them are:

Demerits of online classes:

  • Don’t provide the same face-to-face communication as provided in traditional school classes.
  • Long hours of exposure to screen impact children psychologically and physically
  • Technical problems are inevitable
  • There are plenty of distractions around
  • No regularity or discipline while classes are on
  • No time commitment for completing the assignment
  • Higher dropout rate


Merits of online classes:

  • Reduction in cost of education
  • Saves time of travelling to school
  • Make students and teachers tech savvy
  • Break the barrier of location
  • More comfortable learning environment at home
  • Parents can check child progress any time


Underlying Risk of online classes:

  • Mental and physical health problem for users
  • Data Theft
  • Good opportunity for cyber criminals to exploit the naive users



How to make online more effective and reduce the harm which is happening due to online classes?

  • Keep your notebook while online class, note the important points
  • If your teacher is not sharing his/her screen, keep your eyes away from the screen, listen your teacher carefully, be a good listener
  • Keep good bandwidth internet
  • Keep your mike and speaker on optimum voice, don’t use broken mike and speaker
  • Keep your study table tidy and in a position where you don’t have the lower down your neck
  • Walk for 2-3 minutes after every classes
  • Don't share your personal information or any unwanted content



Spending hours and hours is not good for anyone but due to the unfortunate circumstance we must have to spend some time online. If we want to keep our learning and classes continued we must have to use technology. Everything has some merits and demerits; it is up to you that what are you picking. There is no alternat of online classes, we must have to face it and use the technology in right way.